Road Trip Films is a Production Company with an alternative approach.

Road Trip is both Production Company and Production Service Company. As a Production Company, we have access to an array of Freelance Directors and Director/DP's, selected with respect to the creative and production requirements of each project. As a Production Service, we crew up and produce Foreign Productions. We work with Agency Creative Directors or Client Direct Productions that choose to Direct their own Boards. Also, Visual FX Companies or Post Houses who need an insert, a product shot or running footage, have used RTF to facilitate their needs. If the job simply requires a Director of Photography and Crew, Road Trip will put together an A-List team. On every job, Production value and a can-do attitude is the top priority. From large-scale commercial shoots, to "run n gun" style productions, Road Trip Films is your master facilitator and faithful traveling companion. Road Trip's list of clients includes ARCO, Cisco, NFL Network, California Tourism, Sony, Pepsi, Samsung and The United Nations.

Since 1990, RTF Owner/Executive Producer Michele Abbott has worked on Television Commercials, Music Videos and Branded Content for some of the industry’s leading artists and agencies. As a Freelance Line Producer she works with production companies such as RSA, Partizan, and SMUGGLER, with Directors Jake Scott, Sam Jones, Laurence Dunmore, Ben Mor, Sam Bayer, Brian Beletic and Bryan Singer to name a few. Music Videos share space on her resume with Commercials for Amex, AT&T, Nike, Visa and over 10 years of traversing the state Producing the California Tourism Campaigns.

In her own words: "I started out as a Production Assistant. I had no idea what a PA was or how to do it, but I knew it involved wearing jeans, practical shoes and playing with walkie-talkies, so it seemed I was on the right track."

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Road Trip is a Non DGA Company, using Non DGA Directors and AD’s. However, Road Trip is IATSE Union Signatory which allows for access to top level Commercial Crew and Directors of Photography. Road Trip is also a Member of the AICP.